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Playcasting Stardew Valley, Jan. 3

This one is of Summer 5-8, Year 1. Not much interesting happened in this one; just grinding for money for the next one.

Playcasting: Stardew & Linux Admin Talk, Dec. 25

I spent most of this one talking about the apparent lack of Unix/Linux skills out there, the causes of the shortage, and what might be done about it. While playing through days 1-4 of Summer, year 1.

More Stardew Playcasts

I’ve uploaded a couple new Stardew Valley podcasts. I’m trying out “playcasting” as a word for them. Not sure I like it yet, but it’s shorter than “playing and podcasting.” Still looking for a better title. These are both more playing than podcasting, but the second one does have some talk about spam and chicken dressing and other topics.

Playing & Podcasting: Start

I’m going to start podcasting while playing games. Basically like everyone is doing with streaming, except I’ll record them and upload later since I don’t have the bandwidth for streaming live. I plan to do at least three a week, to try to kickstart podcasting again.

So here are the first two from earlier this week, playing Stardew Valley in the new FreeBSD-native install. The first one is pretty dull, since I couldn’t think of much to talk about except the game itself, so I don’t recommend it unless you need help getting to sleep. In the second one I talked about uploading a new assembly language video, bidding on RAM (didn’t win), Guy’s deer leg collection now at 3, visiting the Dollar General in Payson, coddling a scaredy cat, and why podcast.

Podcast: DNS, Malware, Russia, Oh My

A bit of a tutorial on how DNS works to let computers find each other on the Internet, how that and some other clues told me Salon’s October Surprise article about a Trump/Russia server connection was bogus at first glance, new info that’s coming to light now, and what I think might really have happened to prompt that article. 31 minutes.

Click to listen or download: DNS, Malware, Russia, Oh My (34MB high quality audio)

Click to listen or download: DNS, Malware, Russia, Oh My (11MB low quality audio)


Wherein I talk a little about how I got into teaching and tutoring, and some ideas of where I might go with it in the future. This one gets kinda rambling and repetitive. I think I’m going to start making at least a simple outline, because not every topic inspires a solid stream of ideas. I started this one with a single word in mind – “teaching” – and it didn’t go so well.

Click to listen or download: Podcast #3: Teaching (14MB high quality audio)

Click to listen or download: Podcast #3: Teaching (5MB low quality audio)