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Time for the Fair

Almost time for the Adams County Fair! It doesn’t look like I’ll be exhibiting anything, since the only thing in the garden that looks good right now is the Swiss chard, and there’s no Swiss chard category. It would wilt before it could be judged anyway. But I’ll be there for dairy judging on Saturday morning, at least. That’s always a good time, watching cows drag kids around the ring. I saw the heifers they were trimming up and getting ready to go, and they looked great, not that I’m much of a dairy judge. I figure it’s all about the udders.

I also like to get there for the hog show on Monday, if I can. And apparently the Oak Ridge Boys are playing one night. I don’t usually go over to the grandstand events, but that one might be worth checking out, or at least listening to from nearby. It’s nice to just spend some time up there, especially outside the busy hours, when it’s mainly the livestock owners and fair workers taking it easy before the crowds come. I’ll have to check out the wi-fi situation; it might be possible to do work from there now if something comes up.

It looks like the weather will be incredible, around 80 or lower every day. There might be some rain, but usually there’s scorching heat plus rain at some point to boost the humidity, so you need an extra shirt for when you sweat through the first one. If the forecast holds up, this could be the best weather I’ve ever seen at a fair.

Maybe this will be the year I come home with a couple rabbits. Got an empty hutch now….