Spinning Up a New Digital Ocean Droplet (VPS)

I have a $5/month virtual server at Digital Ocean, which I use for some light work and for an extra location outside my usual networks from which to test connectivity. I noticed recently that they’d increased the RAM and disk space included for that price. It turns out I could have just clicked a button to expand it, but I decided to make a new droplet and move everything to it, since that’s really how you’re supposed to handle the cloud – lean toward spinning up new systems rather than getting attached to the ones you have.

So I recorded myself going through the process of starting and configuring the droplet, setting it up far enough to start installing packages. If you’re inspired to get a droplet for yourself, feel free to use my referral link, which I think gives me $5 when someone signs up with it. I’m also available if you need a sysadmin for your servers.