Should Have Been a Hoarder

I get an automated eBay notification for Commodore C128s, because sometimes I think it’d be nice to have a real one again, and I’m curious about what people are doing with them. But the prices on them keep going up, and an emulator is a pretty good substitute, so I haven’t bought any yet. The picture below is an example of what they’re going for these days: two completely untested systems, which may not work at all, and have missing keys, have a bid of $116 (including shipping). Tested ones without anything missing can bring $300.

And 15 years or so ago, I gave three of them, plus some peripherals, away to a metal scrap guy. They weren’t worth anything then, but now they’re making a comeback as collector’s items. Oh well. Would be nice to still have them, but you can’t save everything just in case.