Quitting Facebook

I quit using Facebook a few months ago, when I wiped the app off my phone because it kept moving itself back to main memory and hogging it all. Normally I don’t announce when I’m going to stop using an online forum; I just stop. But in this case, it occurred to me that people might comment or post stuff on my timeline, and think I’m rudely ignoring them. I’m not, I’m just not seeing it. It’s not personal. Social media just isn’t my thing, and it’s becoming less my thing all the time. This isn’t a manifesto, and I’m not trying to start a boycott. I’m just out.

For keeping in touch with friends, I’m going to stick with the tried-and-true methods – you know, email and texting (maybe even phone and face-to-face, like in olden times). I won’t delete this account because it owns a couple of business pages that need to keep working. So I may still share links on it to things I write other places, in case anyone here is interested, but I won’t be following any comments on them.

And this is just fun: