Assembly #03: Intro to 6502 Instruction Set

This video introduces the 56 op-codes in the 6502 assembly language instruction set, and gives examples of the commonly used ones, using a Commodore 128 monitor. Here’s the list of op-codes divided up by function.

This is the third video in my ongoing 6502 assembly language series. If you’re not familiar with the 6502 hardware, or with binary math and bitwise operations, check out the two previous videos in the series for info on those.

If you’re serious about learning 6502 assembly, there are some good books available. The one I used for a couple of examples in this video is Commodore 128 Assembly Language Programming, published by SAMS. It’s long out of print, of course, and hard to come by, but you can find a scanned PDF of it here.

I’m trying to decide what to program, now that I’ve covered the introductory materials. I’m open to suggestions, and also welcome any questions about the videos so far, at