Gut Punch

Art doesn’t usually do that much for me. I tend to take things at face value, expect them to mean what they say. So the idea of reading a poem or looking at a painting and seeing things that aren’t there on the surface – it doesn’t happen much. But once in a while something works, and then it can be a real punch to the gut.

This video is one of those. It came up in a discussion of music videos with movie-quality storytelling. The first time through, I didn’t get it, but I could tell there was something there I wanted to get. The next time through, it started to fall into place. I’ll be watching it a lot more to see what else comes out. I won’t go into the meaning I get from it, so I don’t spoil it for others. But it reminded me a little of the best moments of Scrubs, when you’d think you knew what was happening, and then that gut-punch came.

The other two videos below don’t hit me as personally, but they’re pretty great storytelling too. It’s nice to know that with so many movies these days being unimaginative reboots and nostalgia cash-ins, there’s still visual storytelling going on. And the music’s pretty great too.