FreeBSD Administration

I’ve been doing FreeBSD sysadmin work and using it on my own systems since about 1998. I like its no-nonsene, professional attitude and the simplicity and openness of its licensing. I can build the kernel and OS from source (though that’s not necessary as often as it used to be). Other skills:

  • System and security updates
  • Security auditing
  • Installing and configuring ports
  • Networks (including wireless) and firewalls
  • Installing and administering services (web, email, etc.)
  • Backup and restore
  • Scripting admin tasks
  • Data mining of log files
  • Kernel tuning (sysctl)
  • RAID (using arrays of hard drives for redundancy)

I am also the maintainer for the games/xlogical port (a port of the classic 8-bit game), and I’m looking for other opportunties to contribute to ports.

If you need a regular FreeBSD sysadmin or help with any emergency problem, please contact me at