Commodore 128 Assembly #33: My Programming Environment

A couple people have asked me what tools I use during these programming videos, so I thought I’d go through the list. The list is below the video here too.

  • FreeBSD
  • i3 (x11-wm/i3 x11/i3status)
  • Emacs (editors/emacs)
    • org-mode for planning (.org)
    • asm-mode for assembly files (.a)
    • magit
  • git (devel/git)
  • tmux (sysutils/tmux)
  • ACME cross assembler
  • rlwrap (devel/rlwrap)
  • Vice (emulators/vice)
  • OBS (multimedia/obs-studio)
  • DroidCam (Google Play on phone)
  • ffmpeg (multimedia/ffmpeg)