Bombs Away

I’m going to start posting my political stuff separately from my personal stuff. I don’t actually know who is reading this blog, if anyone, but I figure people who are interested in my garden/programming/etc. might not be interested in politics and vice versa, and if you are they’ll still both be here. But now if you see the “politics” tag at the top (like this one), you’ll know it’s political all the way down, and otherwise it’s not. Figured I’d change that since I’m writing more political articles than I expected to.

No need for a Triggering today, since the media had bombs to talk about, or “bombs,” as the case may be. But let’s run down the narrative being pushed hard out there, plus some facts, shall we? Supposedly:

  • right-wingers driven to violence by Trump’s rhetoric
  • sent a bunch of non-exploding bombs to Democrats
  • some of whom aren’t in power anymore
  • none of whom probably open their own mail, especially at the offices most of the bombs went to
  • two weeks before an election Republicans have been pulling ahead in
  • through the US Postal Service
    • which x-rays packages for stuff like this
    • and is known for being great at tracking down senders
  • CNN got one and set off alarms and evacuated the building on live TV it was so dangerous
    • but they took it out of the envelope to take pictures of it
    • and were allowed to publish said pictures by whatever agents and bomb experts were involved
  • Alex Soros, son of George, had an op-ed written and published about all this before the morning was out
  • they’re made of PVC….. WTF?

Ooookay then. Personally, I’ll wait until we have some actual information from the authorities before placing blame, unlike the media. They can’t get straight yet whether the bombs are real or fake, or which ones were intercepted at the post office, but they’re already sure whose fault it is. Usually these things end up being some crazy with unclear political beliefs, and if they aren’t convenient beliefs, they’re quickly forgotten. Notice the media’s lack of interest in the motives of the guy who sent the ricin to Trump and Mattis, or the Bernie supporter who shot up the Republican softball game last year.

It’s not ridiculous to think it could be a radical leftist group reacting to recent news of their Blue Wave fizzling, trying to make Republicans look bad before the midterms. Or some drunk college students pulling a very stupid stunt with fake bombs. We’ll have a better idea when we know whether the bombs were real (PVC, really?), and I wouldn’t be surprised if the USPS and Secret Service produce a suspect soon.

I have a feeling Acosta will regret taking that picture.