Forty-five down, twenty to go. For those unfamiliar, that’s what the title means: starting weight, current weight, goal weight. I lost the first 35 pretty steadily over 2017, then stalled for most of the first half of this year, and now the scale is moving again. Stalls happen; the main thing is not to start gaining it back.

My goal of 200 is based on calculations using wrist size to determine lean mass (bone and muscle). Just looking in the mirror, I feel like I have more than 20 to go, so I’ll recalibrate when I hit 200. For now that’s a pretty good goal, since I don’t think I’ve weighed that little since about 1988.

I don’t like to talk too much about weight loss (unless someone asks), because no one wants dieting advice from a fat guy. For now I’ll just say it’s low-carb. Nothing fancy, just what I call lazy-man’s low-carb: meat, animal fats (lard and butter), eggs, dairy, lower-carb vegetables. If you’ve watched my garden videos, you know I cross the line now and then for things like potatoes and sweet corn. I find that those are okay for me in moderation, which is how they come out of the garden. They’re seasonal, and harvesting them burns off some of their calories. Big difference between that and a bag of Doritos.

It’d be nice to hit 200 by the end of the year, but that would be a pound a week, so that might be pushing it. People usually slow down as they get closer. As long as it keeps moving the right direction, I’m not too worried about it.