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My Perl Page

I've been programming in Perl since 1995, when my boss at the ISP I worked for handed me the book Learn Perl in 21 Days and told me I'd be writing CGIs. Since then, I've used Perl just about every day, from one-liners to small scripting tasks to large projects. It's my go-to language for any project that doesn't clearly call for some other language. I'll be distributing some of those programs here in hopes that they might be of use to someone.

My Perl 6 Blog
I've begun experimenting with Perl 6 lately, and documenting what I learn here.
PerlMonks Posts
PerlMonks is a support and idea-exchange site for Perl programmers. That link goes to a page showing my most popular posts there (based on up-votes by the other members); this one goes to my PerlMonks profile.
Lacuna Expanse
A collection of scripts I've written for automating my moves in the open-source game.
Some scripts I wrote for the open-source RPG Crossfire. These are several years old, since there hasn't been much development there lately. Mostly Perl, a small bit of C and Lisp.
Some OO code I started writing years ago as the basis for card games, and one solitaire solver that uses it.