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Résumé of Aaron Baugher


For approximately eighteen years, I've been a self-employed programmer and system administrator, doing a variety of computer work. Before that, I worked as a tech and programmer for BCL, an Internet service provider in Quincy, IL. My focus over those years has been on Unix system administration and Perl programming, but I've handled many related projects.

Skills and Past Projects

Administering networks of various Unix and Unix-like systems, including Linux and FreeBSD. Configuring networks, firewalls (simple Cisco setups), X, NFS, web and mail servers, and other network services across different operating systems. Installing operating systems, building custom kernels when necessary, and all other sysadmin tasks.

Database administration (primarily MySQL, but I can work with other SQL servers), and writing CGI and other programs to interact with databases and build reports from them, web-based or otherwise.

Installing and customizing many different web-based packages: blogs, e-commerce systems, content management systems, wikis, and others. Some commonly-used packages: Drupal, Wordpress, Dokuwiki, OS Commerce/Zen Cart, X-Cart, Invision Board.

Programming interactive web sites in Perl and PHP. On the Perl side, I began with CGI scripts and in recent years have moved to frameworks like HTML::Mason and Dancer. I've done considerable work with PHP, mostly customizing and fixing existing scripts, but also some from scratch. On the browser side, I use jQuery and Ajax for dynamic updates.

Writing scripts and programs to aid in system administration: mining data from log files, supervising processes and alerting administrators to problems, graphing data with MRTG or other methods.

Documenting programs and projects with dokuwiki, perldoc, doxygen, or other documentation systems.

Availability and Communications

I can be reached on a daily basis by email, phone, or instant messenger. During urgent projects, I can be available around the clock if necessary. I have high-speed wireless Internet, and multiple development systems and web sites where I can test new projects. I am a native English speaker and can discuss your project with you in clear, simple terms.


My standard rate for new, small jobs is $60/hour, but I'm willing to negotiate a rate for bigger jobs or long-term projects. I'm especially interested in projects that take advantage of my troubleshooting or analytical skills and present me with new things to learn.

Posted on: 2015-04-01

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